Application Support

The ANM group has introduced a new Application Laboratory with the latest models of instruments / equipments used in life science, biotechnology, chemical, pharmaceutical and environmental analysis fields, to establish a long term service and support commitment to our valued Customers. The laboratory will be utilized for demonstrating various applications of instruments / equipments, providing training to the customers and also helping them with trouble shooting.

The instruments / equipments to be installed initially are HPLC, GC, Auto titrator with Karl Fischer and Coulometer, pH meter, Conductivity meter, Viscometer, Rheometer, Polarimeter, Rotary evaporator, Melting point apparatus, Powder flow tester etc. The laboratory will be continuously upgraded with the latest models of the instruments / equipments with respect to both hardware and software. New instruments / equipments like UPLC, FTIR, AAS, Ion exchange chromatography and micro balances will be incorporated gradually as and when required and available.

Benefits To Customer

  • Customers will be benefited as they will be actually able to see the instrument and check its utility before it is installed in their own laboratory.
  • As part of customer support analysis of customer’s sample will be done on the instruments available in the lab.
  • With this facility they can conduct a trial on the instrument / equipment or confirm the results obtained with similar instruments of different makes.
  • The instruments / equipments installed will be fully qualified as per GLP, so that the customer can get reliable results for comparison.
  • On line support on instruments / equipments wherever possible will be provided.
  • In case of any discrepancy in results, the customer’s analyst will be allowed to carry out the same test on the same model of instrument (if available at that time), in our lab, under the guidance of trained professionals. If not, guidance will be provided for trouble shooting and solving the issue.
  • Trouble shooting will also be provided for HPLC and GC columns purchased from us.
  • Training will be provided on applications and trouble shooting of newly launched instruments / equipments as well as old models
  • Refresher training programs and or up gradation training programs will be organized and conducted for customers (chargeable). This will include both hardware and software.
  • Work will be started on method development and validation, if required by the customer after installing UPLC utilizing small columns.


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